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Laser Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

A permanent solution to unwanted hair.

Tired of having to shave or wax to get rid of unwanted hair? Laser Hair Removal saves you time and money! Practically painless, Laser Hair Removal targets the structure of each hair follicle and almost always eliminates hair growth. Hair goes through 4 growth cycles, so more than one treatment is required for each area targeted.

Xeo Laser

The Xeo is a completely customizable laser and light-based system optimized to treat the widest range of today’s most common nonsurgical aesthetic concerns—veins, pigment, wrinkles, hair removal, and skin revitalization with a single, robust aesthetic device.

Spider Vein Therapy

Destroy veins without causing damage to the skin.

Spider Veins can happen for a number of reasons, from pregnancy to reoccurring blood clots. They can cause discomfort and are noticeable on the skin (legs and face). With our Spider Vein Laser Therapy, heat energy is used to damage and destroy these veins. 1-3 treatments are recommended, depending on the severity of the vein.

Limelight IPL

Say goodbye to those skin imperfections.

Limelight IPL is used to help reduce redness and uneven pigmentation through alight based treatment. From sun damage to aging, Limelight IPL will improve your skin tone and texture. We recommend 2-4 treatments based to see the best results.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is used boost collagen growth and treat fine lines and wrinkles, scars, large pores and active acne. This non-painful treatment will help you see better results every time you do it. Depending on what your skincare goals are, anywhere from 4-8 treatments are recommended. A lot of people opt to come in every few months for maintenance.

Photo Rejuvenation

Tackle redness and brown spots.

Wrinkles, spots and textures are treated using a lasers that create controlled wounds on the skin. These wounds prompt your skin to create new cells, healing itself. This service is becoming very popular due to the low downtime and amazing results. We recommend between 3-5 treatments to see optimal outcomes.

Are You Ready To Love The ‘New You’?

We know it can be hard to choose the right laser treatment. That’s why we offer a complimentary consultation so our expert staff can help you achieve your skin goals.

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You want to look and feel your best, and sometimes you need a little aesthetic boost to get you there. Whether you want to smooth away wrinkles, firm and tone your skin, or eliminate stubborn fat, we provide the best non-surgical cosmetic treatments available.


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